Susan R. Anderson

Author of "Digging Deep for Change"

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If we live long enough, eventually we will all come to a pinnacle moment in our lives that causes us to take pause with illumination... a line of thought that can alter an existing situation in a significant way. A “game changer”. 

“While Oprah may call it an”ah-ha” moment, I call it the bestowing of wisdom and discernment from a loving God.  His purpose in granting life- changing wisdom works two-fold; He grants us understanding to advance us personally ,  but also to pass that insight  along to others who may be in need desperate need of it.

When God gave me the vision to write this book, it was over 10 years ago. It was a seemingly ridiculous notion, especially since I was in the midst of my own journey to discovering how to love myself completely. As the call for me to write about my unforeseen transformation pressed further, I thought, “Surely, you must be joking God.  My life is a mess, I’m a mess and You want ME to write an empowerment book for women, about weight loss and self-esteem?”

During my weight loss journey, I discovered that my issues weren’t just restricted to the escalating numbers on my scale; there were much deeper obstacles that I needed tackle before any long term change could occur.  The transformation I required needed to begin on the inside first.

”Digging Deep for Change” is my answer to God’s call. My prayer is that through my story, those that are bound to the physical and mental difficulties of obesity, low self-worth and hopelessness are set free with renewed hope and infallible courage to…

 Dig Deep for Change.